Why do we have to protect Krabi from coal?



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Krabi is GoodAnd how dangerous coalWhy do we need protection from Krabi coalbelieve that we all love Krabi. In addition to the beautiful and rich sea  ecosystem of Krabi is also the home of nearly 400 species of plants, birds, aquatic endangered dugongs, dolphins, fish dishes, as well as major economic crutcher , who earn one’s living in Thailand. But to build a coal fired power capacity 870 MW, with a jetty and coal in the Sea of fleet size and it will trigger the destruction of emerald Andaman our permanent part of movement. The cover protects the emerald Andaman Thailand’s down with the title calls for the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Fri (EGAT) stop the development of a new coal plant at Just Around Krabi.

The Thank you bleeping Modern Dog and the team CreativeMOVE joint forces Krabi protection from stone coal with us with this creative works and environmental monitoring. with “Greenpeace USA” on

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