Paradise at Risk


Ownership: Electricity General Authority Thailand (EGAT)

Location: Krabi, Klong Kanan Sub-Dist – Nuea Khlong Dist


Size of plant (MW): 800.00


Paradise at Risk, Krabi report summary

A few minutes drive from town of Krabi, one of Thailand’s most famous tourist destinations, a former coal mine remains side by side with a decommissioned coal-fired power plant, which poisoned the surrounding areas for over 3 decades. Around the mine and plant locals speak freely about the legacy of coal in the polluted waterways, devastated fisheries, damaged farms, and unusually high concentrations of illnesses including upper respiratory tract infections.

Now the government plans to build a new 870 MW plant on the same site – a globally renowned marine biodiversity hotspot and a RAMSAR site – over 8 times bigger than the old one. The new proposed Krabi coal-fired plant and coal seaport would damage or destroy Krabi’s marine life and unique wetlands, and hurt local tourism as well as the local economy; affecting hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods rely directly on a thriving fishing industry as well tourism. The estimated annual use value of the Ramsar site in Krabi River Estuary alone is $9.7 million for recreation and tourism, not even counting fishing. There is no need for the authorities to choose a dirty, antiquated energy solution that will pollute the community and our planet. Rather than pumping 2 billion USD into the proposed Krabi coal plant, the money can go into a renewable energy revolution for Krabi. Renewable energy is a good financial investment for Krabi. It will bring jobs, money, and energy for the region. Krabi can choose a clean energy future, and become a showcase for Thailand’s renewable energy leadership.


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