Fisherman in Krabi : Mr. Sunthorn Sornprasert



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Mr. Sunthorn Sornprasert is a fisherman in Moo 4, Pakasai, Nuea Khlong district, Krabi province. He has been a fisherman there for over 35 years. He explains his experience with the coal power plant that was build in the region where he and his friends and families live: “I’ve made a living off of the sea. Shrimps, clams, crabs and fish are plentiful around here It is the source of life for the locals. When there was the first power plant in the area we had no idea, we let them build the power plant but when it was in use there were problems with that coal got into the rivers and waterways. Our food source became scarce also the smell affected our catch The seafood had stench on them not very appetising, but after that, after a while when the power plant was closed shrimps, fish and such started filling up our sea again…”

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